Kaesong Collection

BTB Art presents the Kaesong Collection: a unique collection of high quality Korean art works. It is acquired in the most isolated country in the world: North Korea. A rich selection of hidden treasures, containing the finest contemporary and modern oil paintings, watercolors and drawings. They are created by Korean artists, like Jong Chang Mo, Son U Yong, Rim Ryul, Tak Hyo Yeon, Kim Sung Hui, Kim Song Min and many others. Among them are several prize winners at international exhibitions held in Asian countries. They are widely acclaimed in South Korea, China, Japan, The Philippines and Thailand.

Artistic virtuosity and cultural heritage

The Kaesong Collection was named after the city of Kaesong, known for its cultural heritage and industry. The collection was formed by determining the artistic value of the works, therefore propagandist and overly politicized works were avoided. Experts from both Sotheby’s and the British Museum describe the Kaesong Collection as being ‘important cultural heritage of North Korea’. Works of North Korean artists can also be found at the British Museum in London.